Parent Coaching

“At the end of the day, the most overwhelming

key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents.”

-Jane D. Hullparent coaching

Being a parent is the world’s hardest job. The joke is – kids don’t come with an instruction manual. Sometimes we sure wish they did! As a parent coach I work with families to help enhance parenting skills and treat behavioral issues in a way that is emotionally healthy for everyone involved. I use parent coaching skills informed from multiple areas, including the Nurturing Parenting Program to create change in patterns and behavior to save your sanity, sense of humor and create connection and love between all members.

Parent coaching is different from family therapy in that coaching focuses on behavior management and techniques to help aid in behavior modification. Family therapy pushes deeper into the emotional and structural issues within the family and explores relationships within the system.

It is my belief that every couple and family should seek out support in parenting. Being a parent is our life’s deepest and most meaningful work. Having tools and skills at hand to deal with the stress involved in parenting will make interactions feel better to you, as well as to your children.

I also offer parenting classes using the Nurturing Parenting Program curriculum. These classes can be taught at community centers, schools, churches or other organizations. Classes run 16 weeks and can either be created just for parents, or have an interactive family approach where there is a class for the children and a class for the parents, in which we get together mid-way through to work together.

Whether you are interested in Parenting Coaching or hosting a Parenting Class at your organization, please contact me to discuss options and opportunities for growth.